Spinal Health: Should You Consult an Expert for Your Back Pain?

Posted on: 16 October 2017

Most people will experience back pain at one point in their lives. In most cases, the cause of the aches can be traced back to strenuous activities such as lifting improperly, poor sleeping habits and bad posture. Often, the pain is not severe and can usually be resolved through the use of heat therapy, ice packs, rest and correction of behaviours. However, in some situations, the underlying problems might not be so simple. Therefore, you should learn when to consult an expert in spinal health. Here are the common issues that indicate that you need professional diagnosis and treatment.

Chronic Pain

If your back pain is an ongoing problem, you should consult a spinal health practitioner. In general, most forms of mild backaches will disappear after plenty of rest and some home treatment practices. However, if the cause of strain is not simple, you will not experience relief from these processes. Also, the pain can get worse over time without any apparent reason. Often, these issues indicate that there is an underlying problem in the back. Failure to obtain treatment can cause eventual deterioration of the body, and your quality of life will be lowered due to the continuing pain.

Pain Beyond the Back

Some individuals experience back pain which does not remain confined to the back area. In simple terms, the sensation of pain can start to spread to other areas of the body. If this is your case, you might have a more severe condition than strained muscles. For example, if you are feeling pain which flows from the back to the bottom of the leg, you might have a damaged spinal disc. You should also take note of numbness and tingling sensations in the upper thighs, general groin area and the extremities. These symptoms could be related to neuropathy. 

Pain from an Accident

Back pain might not develop immediately after an accident such as an auto collision or a fall. However, there might still be underlying trauma which could manifest. The stress and damage sustained by the spine during the incident can manifest later on and cause severe backaches. If your pain began after an injury or impact from an accident, you should have an examination. This process is especially essential if you notice swelling and redness on your back. Also, pain which gets worse when in certain positions or at specific points of the day could indicate hidden trauma.

For more information on your spinal health, you should consult someone who offers spine adjustments.