How Patients Benefit from a Chiropractor-Naturopath Partnership

Posted on: 13 December 2021

Musculoskeletal imbalances and injuries can affect the quality of your life if not addressed in time and by the right professional. Unfortunately, most people visit massage therapists or physiotherapists instead of a chiropractor. In fact, seeing a chiropractor who works with a naturopathy doctor is even better. Here are the reasons.

Address the Root Cause of a Problem

Acute or chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system does not just come from nowhere. All have root causes that must be addressed; otherwise, a problem keeps reoccurring for years. When you go to a massage therapist or physiotherapist, all they do is diagnose a problem and do their best to improve the condition. It could involve deep tissue massage, stretching, or recommendation of treatment supplies such as braces. A massage therapist or physiotherapist rarely goes beyond an issue to establish the root cause. In contrast, a chiropractor who works with a naturopath goes the extra mile to determine why you are ailing. For instance, if you have neck pains that you do not know were caused by a minor accident a couple of years back, detailed questions by a chiropractor or a naturopath will reveal the issue.

Medication Prescription

One of the significant benefits of seeing a chiropractor is that they keep you away from becoming dependent on pain medications. However, while chiropractic manipulations effectively relieve pain, some conditions are excruciating. For instance, patients suffering from osteoarthritis often present with severe pain in the neck and back. Since chiropractic care only relieves such excruciating pain gradually, patients might need mild medication to help them get through their day. Unfortunately, chiropractors are not licenced to prescribe medication. Thus, you are better off visiting a chiropractor who works closely with a naturopath since the latter professionals are allowed to prescribe medication. In fact, naturopaths can also administer medicines via different routes, including intravenous and intramuscular methods.

Holistic Treatments

There is more to treating the musculoskeletal system than just medication and chiropractic manipulation. The reason is that there is very little that the procedures can do if your diet and psychological and emotional wellbeing are off. A collaboration between a chiropractor and naturopath goes a long way in providing holistic treatments to improve patients' overall health. For example, stress can cause insomnia and poor sleeping positions, leading to painful muscles and chronic headaches. Similarly, a poor diet can lead to a deteriorating bone structure incapable of supporting your weight. A chiropractor-naturopath partnership ensures that your diet and psychological/emotional wellbeing do not get in the way of your life.