Top Pregnancy Conditions Chiropractic Care Can Improve

Posted on: 17 July 2020

A woman's body undergoes tremendous changes during pregnancy to accommodate the growing baby and prepare for birth. These changes make pregnancy challenging since they cause misalignments such as back curve (to distribute the belly weight evenly), postural changes, pelvic orientation changes, and hormonal imbalances. As such, new mothers must get good health care to manage these issues throughout the nine months and deliver successfully.

One of the non-invasive treatments women can consider is chiropractic care. A pregnancy chiropractor will offer treatment that focuses on the body as a whole to help you feel better instead of masking or treating the symptoms. Below are some conditions that can be managed through pregnancy chiropractic care.

Backaches and pains

During pregnancy, the lumbar spine gets stressed due to the extra weight, which causes a shift in the body's centre of gravity. These changes usually affect the nerve communication between the body and brain and also cause compensatory muscle tightness. Fortunately, you can rely on pregnancy chiropractor services to align the spine, relieve any discomforts, and prevent a number of issues that could affect your health as a mother and your baby too. Your chiropractor can still provide stretches to alleviate back pain and other aches.

Pregnancy symptoms

Other than pain and aches, pregnant women have to deal with symptoms such as vomiting and nausea. Morning sickness, mainly experienced during the first trimester, can leave one nutrient deficient and dehydrated, which isn't good for both the mother and child. The good news is that new moms can consider chiropractic care to deal with vomiting and nausea that's mainly caused by strained nerves. The chiropractor will correct the spinal misalignment in your vertebrae to improve signal communication in the brain. This will prevent nausea, vomiting, and morning sickness.

Delivery complications

Most mothers usually have delivery problems because their babies are in a non-optimal position. This doesn't mean that they didn't take good care of themselves during the nine months. Sometimes all the preparation, education, and workouts may not help to position the baby correctly if the new mother doesn't consider receiving chiropractic services.

For instance, if a mother has a misaligned pelvis, the child will not get a conducive environment to develop fully. This can also interfere with the baby's delivery positing, which in turn prevents the natural birth process. As a result, the physicians will have no option but to do a C-section or take some drugs. Fortunately, mothers can rely on chiropractic care to have a less complicated labour experience so that things can proceed normally.